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"This was an amazing treatment for me! I feel so good,lots of energy, clean, and overall awesome! I highly recommend anyone who wants to feel good buy this right away!"     -Anonymous


Digestive Cleansing Tonic

"Amazing product! It does an incredible job in cleansing the entire digestive tract! I feel so much lighter and healthier since I started drinking Flow!  I highly recommend it to every one."     -E.N. Great Neck, NY

"I've been using "Flow" colon cleansing with a weight reduction program I'm on. This is such a tasteful cleanser.  My bloating, flatulence, and elimination, challenges are a thing of the past. I highly recommend this for a seriously gentle and sound cleanse."     -E.M. Yelm, WA

"Ever since I began using Flow, my blood pressure has adjusted, I have lost weight, and I am more energized than I have ever felt!  I recommend this product to everyone I know!  Thanks Tonica for this amazing product."    -J.T. Fort Lauderdale, Fl

"Every month Tonica Herbal Wellness has 2 bottles of Flow reserved for myself and my wife.  We do not go without it since we started using Flow about 2 years ago.  Since then, my wife has come off several of her medications and we both feel more alive and vibrant than ever!  We may be considered seniors according to our age but for sure Tonica has made us both at least 10 years younger with Flow!  Love you Tonica!  Thanks."     -M.W. Lauderdale Lakes, Fl

"I have been taking both the Flow and the Clean from Tonica Herbal Wellness for quite a while now.  As the names suggest, my body Flows regularly and feels Clean as can be when I am using these products.  I have more energy and vitality and feel overall great.  Thanks Tonica!  Keep up the great works."   -C.C.  Boca Raton, Fl


Blood Cleansing Tonic

"I have been using the Tonica Herbal Blood Pressure formula for more than two months now which has helped me reduce my blood pressure medications dramatically.   I wish to also express my gratitude to Sarah and her partner for their compassion and their help when I felt there was no hope.  They asked thoughtful and appropriate questions about my health crisis and assisted me in tailoring an herbal program suited to my needs.  I cannot thank them enough."     -S.R. Cranston, RI


Men's Tonic

"This product is no joke!  Vigor has helped me in so many ways!  From the gym to the bedroom, I have more energy, more endurance, more stamina and I just feel great.  Needless to say that my wife also loves this product!  Thanks Vigor.  No more just 3 minutes for us!"   -R.P.  Miami, Fl

"My name is Janet and I am 37 years old. I have had an irregular cycle since I got my first period at 14 years old. In order for me to have a period I have had to constantly be on birth control which led to me being childless and in horrible pain at the beginning of each cycle.  In May of 2009, I purchased a bottle of the Tonica Herbal Wellness Bloom Womb Toner and Cleanser and used it.  I had stopped taking the birth control and had not had a period since February. Since taking the Tonica Herbal Wellness Bloom Womb Toner and Cleanser I have had a period every month without the excruciating pain that was causing me to miss work a few days each month. Now hopes of becoming a mother are also high and as soon as my husband comes up from Jamaica we will start trying again and hope that after 3 years of trying we will now succeed. I have faith in the Tonica Herbal Wellness Bloom Womb Toner and Cleaner and hopefully will share my joy with Enchantment Industries in the new year."  - Janet


Women's Womb Toner and Cleansing Tonic


General Praise

"I have always been so hesitant to try natural supplements in the past but knowing that Sarah is a registered nurse and that she knows the medical sides of a lot of things has gone a long way in assuaging my fear of the unknown. I now feel 100% confident that the supplements we take are without doubt helping my family. Sarah's kindness, patience, willingness to help and be there for advice is such a huge comfort in my very full life. I bless her and her family every day for the peace of mind she gives me, knowing my family is getting what they need in the most natural and organic way possible."     -L.A. Boca Raton, Fl

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