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Most Frequently Asked Questions - Facts Sheet

Why Detoxify? The first step to obtaining improved health and well-being is through detoxifying the body system. It is now known that over 90% of ailments begin with a backed up and dirty digestive tract. Most often we do not eliminate as much as we consume. Most foods, especially heavy meats and carbohydrates are binding and instead of easily moving through our digestive system instead linger and back up inside us and rot. When this happens gases begin to release into our bloodstream causing toxins to circulate and touch all of our internal organs. Long term, these backed up and circulating toxins will lead to discomforts and disease. Tonica FLOW will quickly gently and thoroughly cleanse backed up residual matter from the intestines. Tonica CLEAN will gently and effectively remove toxins from the bloodstream, organs, muscles and tissues of the body. Together these two products will peacefully and efficiently cleanse and detoxify your body and provide you with a fresh, new and healthy restart. FLOW and CLEAN are the first steps to your renewed health and wellness.

How do herbs work? Herbs are nourishing, nurturing, regulating, and balancing. Although herbs are not as fast acting as chemical options, the results herbs provide are incremental, real, and long lasting. They create cellular level changes in the body and provide inherent and evident benefits. There is a plant for anything and everything health related you wish to achieve. The key is in knowing which plant is good for what benefit. We have done all that work for you. With over half a lifetime of passion, experience and knowledge in the field of natural medicine, Tonica Herbal Wellness brings to you the top of the line, unique, synergistic, all natural and organic, proprietary herbal formulations that truly make a difference in your overall health and well-being.

Will I have more energy? Yes you will! Natural and enduring energy (unlike sugar or caffeine). Once the body is cleaned out, it no longer has to fight off clogged and circulating junk in the system. You now have more energy to instead do the things you enjoy and love!

How quickly should I feel a difference? Within your first few times taking FLOW. You should begin to experience more energy, mental clarity, and lighter, more balanced and grounded feeling. Changes in skin tone and complexion will also be subtly noticeable rather quickly. For longer standing and more serious conditions it is advisable to continue with FLOW and CLEAN, beyond the initial feel good feelings they provide, for at least 3 months for overall regulation and balance of the body system.

Do I have to take these products all the time to maintain the results? No you do not. Optimal health is normally achieved within 3 months of taking herbal supplements. After these first 3 months of maintained consistency, there are tremendous long term and preventative benefits in cleansing and detoxifying your body at least once every 3 months.

Will I have nausea and/or diarrhea? Nausea can be a normal body response to toxins kicking up in the system. The key is to get the toxins out. This is what FLOW and CLEAN help to provide. Lots of water is important during the detoxification process as it will help to lubricate, gather and promote steady bowel and urinary evacuation (that’s how the toxins leave). Depending on the level of toxicity in you, if some nausea or diarrhea does occur, please do not worry. It will pass quickly as your body continues to be cleansed.

Do I have to stay near to a toilet while cleansing with FLOW? FLOW is very friendly and will give you enough time to reach a bathroom peacefully. Please be aware that you may experience more frequent bowel movements when taking FLOW, possibly several times daily. You can expect that your eliminations will be larger than usual. If you do not eliminate soon after taking FLOW just keep taking it as indicated with lots of water. Different bodies may be quicker or slower to respond depending on duration of backup. FLOW not only helps to regulate elimination patterns, it also helps to revitalize and repair the digestive tract, increase nutritional absorption and regulate body weight. FLOW provides the benefits of a colonic and a whole lot more, without the trauma of invasive techniques. We anticipate you will be thrilled with your results.

Do I have to change my diet while detoxifying? You are not required to change your diet in order to experience the multiple benefits of Tonica products. Our findings are that most often once your body is cleaned out properly, you will naturally be motivated and compelled to eat healthier and in the proper moderation for your body’s needs. Your body will begin to speak with you and tell you what it wants and doesn’t want. All you have to do is listen and follow its cues!

Are Tonica products suitable for food allergies? Tonica Herbal products are vegan, nut free, and gluten free (Tonica tinctures are now also gluten free!). Tonica products contain no artificial additives or preservatives. They are created from proprietary organic herbal combinations that synergistically produce remarkable results. Tonica Herbal products are not only safe for food allergies, they also help to moderate and resolve allergies that can be triggered from a previously dirty digestive tract or circulatory system. After cleansing and detoxing with FLOW and CLEAN, Tonica’s Chai Essence Health Maintenance Tonic and Tonica’s Allergy & Immunity Tincture are great ways to help resolve seasonal allergies as well.

Can I take these products while on medication? Tonica products have not any contraindications with medication. As you are taking FLOW and CLEAN please be aware that these products will cleanse and detoxify the organs, muscles, tissues and bloodstream and bring the absorption receptors of the intestines back to life, meaning that whatever medications you are taking may become stronger, meaning that you will most likely require less medication to produce the same desired results. Please be in touch with your prescribing physician to help you wean off of the medications that may become to strong and unnecessary as your body continues to repair. For resolve of existing condition, it is ideal to use FLOW and CLEAN consistently for at least 3 months.

Can I take these products if I am pregnant or nursing? Although FLOW, CLEAN and BLOOM are ideal for preparing and regulating the female system for conception and pregnancy, it is not recommended that these or any other herbal products be taken once pregnant without the proper guidance of a trusted natural health practitioner. FLOW can be taken in very small amounts while nursing (1oz 2x weekly) to help regulate bowel elimination. Be aware that if more is taken, it will most likely cause the same for the nursing baby. After stopping to nurse, FLOW CLEAN and BLOOM are ideal for getting the body balanced and back on track.

Can my children take Tonica herbal products? Tonica products are safe for children but in lesser quantities. For ages 5 and up FLOW can be beneficial at 1oz 2-3x weekly until balance and regularity are achieved. For toddlers, 1/2oz 2-3x week should be sufficient. Tonica FLOW and Allergy & Immunity Tincture are also good for building up the child’s immune system at the notion or onset of any seasonal colds, allergies or bugs. Tonica Children’s Calm Tincture is great for helping children to experience calm, relaxation and focus.

How will Tonica products enhance my already healthy lifestyle? Even those of us who maintain a regularly healthy diet and lifestyle can benefit tremendously from Tonica Herbal products. Regular detoxifying (at least every 3 months) has tremendous disease prevention benefits. Also, all health products (Tonica or otherwise) taken after FLOW and CLEAN will have heightened effectiveness. What is the best way to take Tonica Herbal Wellness products? Synergistically! FLOW and CLEAN work best together. We always recommend taking FLOW first as it will cleanse out your digestive tract (the source of a toxic body). CLEAN pulls leached and circulating toxins out of circulation. Both are gentle enough to be taken every other day, FLOW in the evening and CLEAN the following morning.

Please view Tonica CDR System Simple Instructions For Use for further guidance. Some of the benefits you will experience when taking the THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System (FLOW, CLEAN, and VIGOR or BLOOM) are more energy and vitality, release of constipation and backup and congestion, weight regulation, hormone balance, decreased aches and pains, mental clarity, more ease during exercising, increased sex drive and in general life becomes overall more enjoyable now that you are feeling better in your body!

Use Tonica’s Chai Essence Health Maintenance Tonic during the 3 months between detoxifications as a preventative and for your health maintenance. There is something in Chai Essence to help nurture your every organ system function!

Please feel free to communicate at with any further questions you may have.

Thank you for trusting in us for your health and wellness needs. It is our honor and privilege to serve you.

Best of Health always,

Sarah, RN and Judah, Herbalist / HHC

Tonica Herbal Wellness