Paxsonite is designed to help relieve pain associated with soft tissue injurys.


Using ancient wisdom of traditional medicines to promote the bodies own restorative processes to help achieve pain free function and movement.

"Where there is free flow there is no pain"

Ingredients: Peppermint oil, Camphor, Proprietary Chinese herbs and Essential Oil Blend (Not a THW product, still highly effective! Not Kosher Certified)

Price: 1 oz $35

"Paxsonite is on the cutting edge in herbal therapy. Paxonite liniment has proven to be extremely effective in short-term treatment of muscular strains and other athletically related ailments. We have used the product here at University of Memphis and received very high positive feedback from the athletes that have used the product. Paxsonite has done their homework and has studied herbs for many years and has found a winner."

Todd Stroud

Head Strenght and Conditioning Coach

University of Memphis