TIP #3



We hope you enjoyed the last tip, "Water for Effective Cleansing"! Remember it is important to make mindful food choices and drink plenty of pure water in general and for a more efficient Cleansing!

#3. How To Move During Your Cleanse

While on your Cleanse and Detoxification program, gentle aerobic exercise can be helpful. If you don't usually exercise don't freak out, we are talking gentle. If you work out regularly it is important that you understand why we say gentle.

This Tip will explain why the body needs to move during a cleanse and how to move so that you optimize your cleansing benefits.

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Tip #3

How to Move During Your Cleanse

Did you know that exercise is essential for regular bowel movements? In fact, one of the key risk factors for constipation is inactivity. It stands to reason that you should definitely exercise while cleansing the body! Not only will you help your body eliminate toxins through the bowels, exercise also floods the body with air, working toxins out of the lungs and stomach and forcing oxygen to organs that badly need it. Any type of exercise, such as walking, rebounding or swimming, helps flush toxins which can collect stagnantly in the lymph.

Just Walk!

You don’t have to go all out with exercise during a cleanse. In fact, refrain from intense workouts! You should avoid weight training and resistance training during your cleanse. Instead, Go for a walk, around the block, in the park, anywhere… with your partner, best friend, pet or? Use this time to connect with someone or contemplate what you will do now that you are going to feel so much better! The slight impact of a simple walk will get things moving!

Tips to consider while walking:

1. Morning is good, the body is sufficiently energized and the circulation of blood increases. Also, a walk in the mornings allows your body to absorb vitamin D from the first rays of the sun.

2. Do not walk after a meal, walking or working out right after a meal affects the flow of digestive juices thereby hindering the breakdown of food. (not what you want during a cleanse)

3. Hydrate your body with fluids before you embark on a walk or 5 min after completion.

4, Try a Rebounding Trampoline! NASA’s research shows that rebounding can be more than twice as effective as treadmill running. Rebounding is by far the most effective movement for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from the body. Many natural health practitioners recommend daily rebounding as a gentle detox technique or weight loss aid. Due to the up-down movement, lymphatic fluid is forced to flow and flush toxins. You will get additional benefits to your bone density and cellulite reduction. Rebounding also improves the immune system by increasing the action of red bone marrow and supports tissue repair.

Tips for Rebounding

1. 15 minutes a day, 3- 5 minute sessions will do. Increase if you want to.

2. Use a moderate pace, so you are breathing slightly faster than normal but not uncomfortably.  Your feet don’t need to leave the trampoline, you can just bounce up and down by bending your knees.

3. Do not rebound after a meal, working out after a meal affects the flow of digestive juices thereby hindering the breakdown of food.

4. Hydrate your body with fluids before you embark on a walk or 5 min after completion. An added benefits of exercising is that It will also boost your mood!


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