Tip #1


Food Choices for Effective Cleansing

Food can have a powerful effect on the body, poor food choices can lead to fatigue, heart disease, weight gain and even type 2 diabetes as fats, sugars and chemicals residues burden digestive system and therefor the body. What you eat can and will have a lasting effect on your health over time. Cleansing can help allow the body to repair itself from some of the damaging food choices we make. Below are some tips that if used will help your body as you use the THW Complete Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rebuild Bundle, we encourage you to continue to use some of them even after the cleanse.

  • Consider Organic foods.

    • Today farmers have a plethora of chemicals to use on their farms as a matter of fact 600 Chemicals are approved for use on our food and 90% have not been tested for long term health effects. There are many people that believe that these chemicals are contributing to many serious ailments. Pregnant women and Children may be even more susceptible to the damage of such chemicals.

    • Organic or pesticide free foods are more nutritious. It is not too hard to understand how this could be true. Today in conventional farming chemical fertilizers are used to accelerate crop growth, crops that grow faster contain more water and less nutrients.  Chemical sprays are used to kill bugs and weeds around and on the crops, there is proof that these sprays damage the plants ability to absorb nutrients. On the other hand, Organic foods are grown under strict standards that focuses on using naturally occurring supplements for the soil and plant. Organic gardeners will use manures and composts to add nutrients to the soil, natural additives such as kelp and natural occurring minerals, these are the types of items that plants have lived off of since the beginning. Not only are the chemicals used in conventional gardening depleting the nutritional value of plants, they are also wreaking havoc on the planet. Your body was not designed to deal with these chemicals and when the food you eat is deficient in nutrition you are ill equipped to stay healthy.

    • They simply taste better. Chemical residues are often difficult if not impossible to remove from many foods and once you stop eating them you will notice the difference. Try eating an organic apple and an non organic apple. You’ll notice!

    • Many cleanses advise eliminating meat and animal products from your diet. If you choose to continue eating animal products organic is the solutions. Today animals are often raised in horrible conditions. Many people are becoming sensitive to the animals living conditions and are asking for changes. These changes are happening and you can now find alternatives to the standard raising practices.  Even so mainstream farming animals are still injected with antibiotics, hormones and other drugs these injections don’t leave the bodies of the animals, which means you are eating these drugs. These drugs can contribute to human illnesses. Try organic meats which are regulated and do not have heavy drugs. Organic animals raised for animal products are also feed more natural and nutritious foods.  Look for organic eggs and chicken, Organic beef grass fed and try unusual meats such as bison.

  • Consider fresh foods.

    • Try eating more fresh foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and meats are the most nutritious foods you can eat. Eat them raw in salads, steamed, baked and grilled.

    • Fresh foods feed the body with usable nutrition. Process foods are loaded with sugars, salts and many chemical and preservatives. In addition, the process of creating packaged process foods often kills the nutrients that once existed in the foods. If you eat processed or packaged food, be a label reader, if you have rarely looked at labels you are in for a shock! Try eating foods with ingredients that contain only food items that you recognize and know to be good for you.

    • The internet is full of fast and easy ways to eat fresh, you may be surprised how delicious and easy it is to eat fresh foods.

  • Try these foods for added cleansing benefits:

    • Apples help eliminate toxins.    

    • Avocados helps detoxify the liver

    • Beets helps purify blood and cleanse liver

    • Cabbage cleanses the digestive tract

    • Celery is a blood cleanser

    • Cranberries cleanse bacteria and viruses from the urinary tract

    • Grapefruit cleans the blood of heavy metals and is an intestine and liver detoxifier

    • Kale strengthens the liver and is especially good for smokers and those exposed to smoke

    • Legumes cleanses intestines and regulates blood sugar levels.

    • Fresh Garlic cleanses harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses

    • Lemons are a liver detoxifier and helps create an alkaline environment in the body.

  • When you eat matters:

    • Eating certain foods at certain times will also help you cleanse.

    • Breakfast

      • Eat fruit, it to wake up your digestive system with easy to digest food, start the morning detoxifying. Start the day off alkaline.

        • Did you now that an alkaline body usually has clearer skin, better digestion, more energy and resists colds better?

        • Did you know that although some many fruits that seem acidic such as lemons become alkaline in the stomach?

      • Wait at least 30 minutes before eating other foods.

    • Try eating your biggest meal at lunch time, this will give your body plenty of time to digest what you have eaten.

        • Did you know that fruits and veggies can take 12 hrs. to digest and meat up to 3 days?

        • Since we are cleansing, we want our foods to move along.

        • At night digestion slows down just like everything else

        • Eating a lighter meal for dinner will help your digestion and could even help you lose weight

    • Try to let your body fast for 12 hours. This would include your sleep time. Studies show your body will digest foods better if you follow this plan

Bonus tips for finding organic food at lower costs. Look for a Farmers Market, not only will you save money, the food you buy will be fresher and most likely locally produced. You will be helping small scale farmers while helping yourself.

We at Tonica Herbal Wellness intend that you find this page of tips useful during your cleanse! Remember that making mindful food choices can have  a wonderful effect on your health! Our next tip, “Water for Effective Cleansing”, will be coming to you soon.