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The below products are most effective when taken after using our Complete Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rebuild Bundle



Studies have found CBD has many medical properties and can be useful in combating many ailments. (Not a THW product, still highly effective! Not Kosher Certified)

CBD oil 15mg per capsule.

60 vegetarian capsules. Price: $80

30 vegetarian capsules. Price: $45



Slim Vegetarian Herbal Detoxification and Weight Reduction Capsules help to move out excess waste from the body and melt away unwanted fat while nourishing and strengthening the digestive system and the entire body for overall feel good, weight loss, increased absorption and energy.

80 vegetarian Capsules

Price: $70

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All of Tonica Herbal Wellness products are made in small batches with exceptional love, attention, and care.  All Tonica herbs are grown either in Tonica Organic Gardens or come from other impeccable Organic sources. This ensures the purity of the herbs and the exceptional quality of our products. Tonica's unique and powerful formulations are all Divinely inspired and actualized by Yehudah Drummond, HHC and Sarah Rejman, RN, owners, whose combined experience of over 40 years working with herbal remedies ensures the effectiveness of Tonica products.