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"We recommend Beginning every health program

with Tonica's foundation CDR System"

Tonica herbal wellness

Complete Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rebuild System


THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System

Each 3 Product System includes the following products: FLOW, CLEAN and VIGOR or BLOOM.

System Price $216 (a 10% savings!)

These powerful products will together provide a gentle and thorough full body cleanse and detoxification while they nourish your cells and tissues and support proper overall organ function.

Cleanse, Detoxify and Rebuild

Always Organic

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Why should you Cleanse, Detoxify and Rebuild before using other health products?

Once the body is cleansed with Tonica Herbal Wellness Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System there is an increase absorption capacity for all supplements taken thereafter.

Science and medicine have determined that over 90% of all physical dis-ease begins in the digestive tract.  Leading natural healthcare experts understand that you must detoxify your digestive tract as a first step to any successful wellness program. Our experience at Tonica Herbal Wellness completely confirms this fact! The results we have seen over the past 2 decades from detoxifying the digestive and blood systems are remarkable!

When our digestive system is clogged, not only are the residual toxins seeping into the bloodstream and causing trouble, our bodies are also unable to absorb the nutrients required to feed and to heal the body properly. We eat and eat, but are we eliminating all the excess effectively? Most often not. Digestive backup or toxicity wreaks havoc on the body! In our society where this education is voluntary and must be sought to be found, most people have never ever cleansed! Aren’t you glad you know now? It’s not to late to get your body on track again. Let’s get started!

Tonica Herbal Wellness has a simple and effective solution for jump-starting increased heath in your body today and this solution is the THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System!  This simple system safely, gently and thoroughly detoxifies the digestive organs, promotes healthy elimination patterns, increases weight loss capacity, increased energy and vitality, and supports healthy liver, kidney, and gallbladder function.

THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System is a great foundation for a successful wellness program. System includes 1-23oz  Flow Complete Digestive Cleansing Tonic 1-23oz Clean Circulatory and Blood Detox and 1-23oz Bloom Female Hormone Balance & Reproductive Health Tonic or Vigor Male Reproductive Health & Hormone Balancing Tonic.

Some of the benefits people experience are increased energy vitality and balance, mental clarity, glowing skin, weight loss (as the body requires), renewed life force, mood stability, pain reduction, and so much more. Tonica liquid tonics are gentle and powerful, producing real and lasting results.  THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System is a first step to any health regimen, and can be beneficial for anyone and everyone!

What your body needs, is what your body gets with Tonica's Complete Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rebuild System!


THW's Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System benefits include:

  • All natural, Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free ingredients

  • Kosher Certified by Kosher Organics

  • Cleanse your digestive tract

  • Detoxify your bloodstream

  • Rebuild your cellular body

  • Experience more energy & boosted immunity

  • Overall body regulation

  • Weight loss

  • Vigor will strengthen and vitalize the male system

  • Bloom will balance and rejuvenate the female hormone and reproductive system

  • Easy to take - just few ounces every other day for overall body restart

  • Gentle, non-explosive, highly effective!

  • Leaves you feeling overall great!

  • 3 power products, together at a reduced cost!

Save even more and achieve optimal benefits!

Purchase a 3 months supply for only $585 (an additional 10%off)


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