THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System


 Your health is your most important asset.

So why is it that we clean our car engines more frequently than we do our bodies?  Most of us are bombarded daily with toxins from the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and otherwise... (and even those of us who do our due diligence to eat well and to supplement...we too can benefit from occasional detoxification!).  It is now known that over 90% of all disease begins in a dirty digestive tract and spreads outwardly into circulation from there!  Once these toxins enter circulation, they can lodge and create trouble wherever you may be susceptible. Bottom line, Our main health risk is TOXICITY!  

We have your solution!

 It's easy with the THW Complete Cleanse Detoxify and Rebuild System!

Each 3 product System includes FLOW Complete Digestive Cleanse & Detox, CLEAN Blood Cleanser & Circulatory Detox and VIGOR or BLOOM Hormone Balance & Reproductive Health Tonic. For added and long term benefits, CHAI ESSENCE 18 Herb General Health Maintenance Tonic can be used between cleanses.

These powerful liquid tonics will together provide a gentle and thorough full body cleanse and detoxification while they nourish your cells and tissues and support proper overall organ balance and function. Stop feeling tired, bloated, foggy, and sluggish...Feel great again with Tonica CDR Health System!

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What your body needs, is what your body gets!