“I've been using "FLOW" colon cleansing with a weight reduction program I'm on. This is such a tasteful cleanser. My bloating, flatulence, and elimination challenges are a thing of the past! I highly recommend this product for a seriously gentle and sound cleanse.” Actual Client, Seattle WA

Begin your new healthy lifestyle with FLOW!

Science and medicine have determined that over 90% of all physical disease begins in the digestive tract. Leading natural healthcare experts understand that you must detoxify your digestive tract as a first step to any successful wellness program. Our experience at Tonica Herbal Wellness completely confirms this as true!  The results we have seen from detoxifying the digestive system are remarkable and miraculous! When our digestive system is clogged not only are the residual toxins seeping into the bloodstream and causing trouble,  our bodies are also unable to absorb the nutrients required to feed and to heal the body properly. Digestive backup or toxicity wreaks havoc on the body! And in our society where this education is voluntary and must be sought to be found,  most people have never ever cleansed!

Tonica Herbal Wellness has a simple and effective solution for jump starting increased heath in your body and life today and this solution is Flow!  Flow is a 100% natural organic herbal liquid tonic.  It safely and gently and thoroughly detoxifies the digestive organs, promotes healthy elimination patterns, increases weight loss capacity, increased energy and vitality, and supports healthy liver, kidney, and gallbladder function. Flow is a foundation product, a first step to any health regimen, and is beneficial for anyone and everyone!  Once the body is cleansed with Flow there is an increase absorption capacity for all supplements taken thereafter.

unique herbal formula: 

  • cleanse, regulate, and detoxify the body

  • digestive, gallbladder, liver,and kidney health

  • normalization of bowel habits

  • increased energy and vitality

  • increased weight loss capacity

  • improved respiratory function

  • decreased pain

  • regulation of blood sugar and pressure

  • overall sense of increased well being

    For optimal results, follow your Flow digestive detox with Clean Blood cleansing detox

“I highly recommend this for a seriously gentle and sound cleanse”, by AM

Order your bottle of Flow now and begin your wellness program with an edge. 

For even more powerful results and complete full body detoxification,

check out the THW Complete Cleanse, Detoxify and Rebuild System (Step 1 of 3 is Flow!)

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