Tonica Herbal Wellness DM Living Blend Tincture is an all natural herbal tincture made from only organic herbs.  DM Living Blend Herbal Tincture is designed to help regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar levels when taking 1/3 dropperful 1-2x daily.  It also helps to curb food cravings and supports proper kidney and urinary functions. Today over 20 million people are dealing with elevated blood sugar and the symptoms associated with high blood sugar are the 7th leading cause of death in our society. If you or someone you care about has high blood sugar, please don't wait, start using DM Blend now!  We at Toncia Herbal Wellness recommend combining DM Blend with Flow Organic Herbal Digestive Detox, Clean Organic Herbal Blood Detox and healthy eating habits for maximum benefits. For your optimal wellness order your DM package now!

Organic Herbal Blend: Juniper Berry, Goldenseal, Alfalfa, Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Devil's Claw, Uva Ursi, and Holy Basil.

“DM blend - product of the century. I have several clients completely independent of prescribed meds for diabetes including insulin. One tube full a day in 6 to 7 days blood sugar back to normal.” - Andre"s Enterprise

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