Tonica’s BLOOM is a 100% natural liquid herbal tonic. This proprietary combination of organic herbs helps to balance, tone, cleanse and restore the female reproductive system! BLOOM helps increase a woman's vitality and sex drive and reduces discomforts associated with menstruation and menopause. BLOOM is a great pre-pregnancy prep and post-delivery rebuild! BLOOM helps hormone balance and overall feels good! Women generally begin feeling more energized and experience positive benefits within the first few ounces consumed. BLOOM is gentle enough to use every day.

BLOOM has been effectively used for:

-menopausal symptoms

-irregular menstruation and PMS

-fibroid tumors and cysts

-increase sex drive

-reproductive cleansing and balancing prior to conception and after birthing

-overall reproductive wellness

Bloom Testimonial:

"My name is Janet and I am 37 years old. I have had an irregular cycle since I got my first period at 14 years old. In order for me to have a period I have had to constantly be on birth control which led to me being childless and in horrible pain at the beginning of each cycle. In May of 2009 I purchased a bottle of the Tonica Herbal Wellness Bloom Womb Toner and Cleanser and used it. I had stopped taking the birth control and had not had a period since February. Since taking the Tonica Herbal Wellness Bloom Womb Toner and Cleanser I have had a period every month without the excruciating pain that was causing me to miss work a few days each month."

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