"Every month Tonica Herbal Wellness has 2 bottles of Flow reserved for myself and my wife. We do not go without it since we started using Flow about 2 years ago. Since then, my wife has come off several of her medications and we both feel more alive and vibrant than ever! We may be considered seniors according to our age but for sure Tonica has made us both at least 10 years younger with Flow! Love you Tonica! Thanks."

M.W. Lauderdale Lakes, Fl

The first step to helping the body heal is ridding the digestive and blood systems of the toxins that prevent the body from functioning properly. Flow is a 100% natural herbal liquid tonic. Made of a proprietary blend of organic herbs, Flow safely, gently, and effectively detoxifies the digestive organs, promoting healthy elimination patterns, increased weight loss capacity, and helps support healthy liver, kidney, and gall bladder functions. Flow is a foundation product, a first step to any health regimen, and is good for anyone and everyone! Once the body is cleansed with Flow there is an increase in absorption capacity for all nutrients taken thereafter. Flow is easy to take and most people experience results after only a few ounces! Flow will leave you with a renewed feeling of lightness, comfort, and increased energy and vitality.

FLOW - Digestive Cleansing Tonic

  • unique organic herbal formulation

  • cleanse, detoxify, and renew the body

  • normalization of bowel habits

  • increased weight loss capacity

  • increased energy and vitality

  • liver, kidney and gallbladder support

  • helps normalize blood sugar and pressure

  • overall sense of increased well being

I'm very skeptical about miracle claims but this stuff is amazing. It does everything it claims it does! My daughter and granddaughter rely on laxatives ON A DAILY basis. They had results on the first day with Flow.... AMAZING NATURAL PRODUCT! -Greg

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